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hvp series

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hvp series

hvp series

technology overview

tfme's hvp product is the abbreviation of high volume product, which mainly includes sot (small outline transistor) series and sop (small outline package) series and mini qfn and dip. it refers to the surface mount packaging form in which gull wing pins protrude from both sides of the plastic package.it is a principal package using smd technology, and widely used in low cost and commercial applications.

tfme offers many sot packages including sot23, ssot23, tsot23, sc70, sot89, sot223, etc. and offers many sop packages including 150mil, 173mil, 209mil, 300mil and other dimensions, covering sop, ssop, vssop, tssop, msop etc.


hvp packages are considered one of the most established industry standard & traditional packages and are used in all consumer electronic products and automotive electronic products, including wireless/rf and analog devices, power management, microcontrollers, bluetooth devices, portable products(such as cell phones, data storage systems, and notebook computers),car electronics and other fields.


 ◆ jedec standard compliant

 ◆ provide one-stop services for wafer bumping, assembly, test and packaging

 ◆ various da technological solutions, including solder, glue, daf, wbc, sintered silver, eutectic and others

 ◆ gold, coper, silver wire, and fc, clip and other interconnection method

 ◆ lead frame design capability to meet customer requirements pb-free process ready, pure tin plating, and green molding compound

 ◆ mgp mold and auto mold are used for plastic sealing, and the maximum tonnage of the press is 180ton

 ◆ excellent reliability and low-cost production solutions


 ◆ provides a competitive test solution to our customers ranging from test program development, load board design, platform conversion, multi-site enablement, product maintenance and test data analysis

 ◆ has extensive test development experience of various product portfolio, including communication, consumer, computing and automotive products

 ◆ reduce customer overhead by outsourcing projects / tasks to avoid maintaining a large scale dedicated team

 ◆ incorporate industrial standard through leveraging best known method from our database & continuous cost saving by driving test time reduction, yield improvement

services include:

 1)final test development

 2)socket & change kit design and optimization

 3)test program maintain and optimization

 4)low cost platform conversion

 5)multi-site enablement

 6)product yield monitoring and analyzing

key capability:

 ◆ provide front-end processes such as rdl, wafer bumping and wafer cp

 ◆ high-density frame design and process experience

 ◆ more than 20 years of experience automotive products in mass production

 ◆ assembly process includes 3rd aoi, strip mapping, defect mark, plasma, x-ray, ir reflow, tc, sat, etc






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